“We have been ordering urban jars for the last four weeks and have been nothing short of impressed. Hailee puts incredible care into each jar, selecting the freshest of ingredients. We have enjoyed every flavour of jar- the creativity and nutrition is reflected in every bite. Hailee makes every effort to insure customer care; she always responds promptly to any questions especially while we were starting out with her service. The ease of nutritious lunches delivered weekly to our front step is worth the money. We are certain to be long term customers. We highly recommend this business!”

– Anonymous

“I do not have enough good things to say about UJ Orillia. Every single jar I have received has had extremely fresh ingredients, tasted delicious and lasted. Hailee is always on time with deliveries and I love that I can feel good about supporting an eco friendly system with the return and reuse of the mason jars. The jars save me so much time in the week while still keeping me eating healthy and plant based. Thank you so much Hailee!”

– Maggie Little

“I was hesitant to try Urban Jars not because of the quality but because I always want to be able to do everything myself.   Well I quickly learned that having a little meal prep help not only saves me time but also some sanity. Working shift work is hard enough without having to stress about making meals for minimum 12 hour shifts. Even having one meal taken care of by Urban Jars, whether it is breakfast, snacks or lunch, is a lifesaver. I routinely get breakfast jars and protein bites and I absolutely love them. They taste amazing and the ingredients are quality. You can tell that time and effort is put into creating every single jar and every single bite.  And that taco jar is out of this world 🙂
Thanks to Hailee for the awesome food and service.  Lastly, the fact that it is delivered to my door step is amazing!!!”


“I discovered Urban Jars Orillia  almost a year ago through social media posts from my naturopath. I immediately loved the idea, convenience and nutritional value of the jars. I’ve worked through most of the menu and have settled on my favourites. Hailee, the owner, keeps the menu fresh by adding seasonal options. Hailee is passionate and conscientious about her business and very accommodating in terms of personal preferences. I have, and will continue to, refer Urban Jars Orillia to anyone interested in nutritional, easy meals. Delivery day is always a highlight in our house!”


“I have been ordering Urban Jars almost weekly since Hailee’s adventure began with Urban Jars in Orillia. I have saved so much time with making lunches, and to boot I am eating much more nutritious meals! I can’t say enough about how delicious they are, and the variety is endless. If you are anything like me though you pick a favourite and order it weekly, that’s the Green Goodness for me! I am thankful everyday for the energy Urban Jars has given me. It was the best decision I ever made. Thank you, Hailee for doing my meal prep for me!!”
“I have been enjoying Urban Jars Orillia for 6 months now. My family loves them! We usually order the lunch and breakfast jars. There are lots to choose from! They come delivered right to my door and they are always extremely fresh. They honestly look just like they do on the website! We often enjoy the lunch jars at dinner. I sometimes add extra spinach to feed my family – honestly, the jars are that generous! I highly recommend Urban Jars Orillia!”
“I love this concept because it offers delicious, no hassle meal options at a fair price point. I love that its hand made, healthy food but without all the fear mongering marketing that we see too often and make food choices more stressful than they need to be. An amazing business run with passion, heart and good sense. The jars I have had the pleasure of trying were SO SO good! Wish I lived closer to Orillia so I could be a regular”

“I tried Urban Jars for the first time a week ago, and am placing another order already! We tried the breakfast overnight oats, the lunch jars and the taco dinner skillet! The food is so fresh and tasty! There are so many jar combinations and you can ask to omit anything you don’t like or are allergic to! Urban Jars makes healthy meal choices so easy for anyone who finds themselves too busy to cook meals throughout the day! Highly recommend.”

– Nicole Alexandra